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Growganic Ltd was set up in 1989 to supply organic plant feed in the form of natural Seaweed Extract in both liquid and tablets.

Growganic Seaweed Extract contains naturally occurring trace elements and organic compounds which stimulate the plant to help its self, leading to stronger root systems, increased cell formation and healthier plants. Growganic is a completely natural product and is the modern environmentally safe approach to plant care indoors and in the garden.

Growganic Liquid concentrate is available for shipment only to the UK in the following sizes:

250 ml bottle (inc p&p) £7.00 

500ml bottle (inc p&p)  £10.00 

1 litre bottle (inc p&p) £15.00 

Contact us for price and shipping on Growganic Liquid concentrate in 5 litre and 20 litre sizes.

( 1 litre makes 300 litres foliar spray
or 100 litres root feed)

Growganic Tablets are available in a re-sealable  container of 70 tablets which makes 70 gallons / 300 litres of foliar spray.

Growganic tablets are available directly from us at £10.00 a box inc p&p

For a free sample of tablets please send us a stamped (LARGE LETTER STAMP) addressed envelope to the address below



In North America? Visit our US site - www.growganic.com